Venus Virus - Released 1997


*3 Words*

This release is currently out of print.

Miss P. Pyre - Vocals/Programming
Produced and Mixed by Jonnie Hargis
Recorded at Mad Lab Studios - Culver City, CA

Photography by T.J. Barrial
Cover Art by Miss P. Pyre

Copyright 1997 Miss P. Pyre

Miss Pyre on recording this EP

"I learned so much while recording these three songs. This release was originally intended as a demo to shop around to different record labels, however, I feel it has stood up to the test of time and I am not sure if I would re-record these songs. I am certain these songs will be re-released in the future, perhaps as a bonus for devoted fans. As for the recording itself, Jonnie and I had a blast going over each note, night after night, tweaking all the sounds just so. I felt truly free in the studio when recording these songs. A part of that freedom is captured in these recordings."