Venus Virus IS:

Band Bio

In February of 1996, Venus Virus was born. As a one-woman performance project, Venus Virus was a step toward independence for Miss Pyre as well as a chance for her to develop and hone her own style and talents. Venus Virus began to capture a following not only throughout California but worldwide.

In 1998 Venus Virus released a self-titled 3-Song EP. In support of this first release, Venus Virus completed a promotional tour of Germany and England in October. This tour helped Venus Virus gain recognition throughout Europe, including countries not included in the tour(e.g.: Belgium, Italy, and Spain).

Back in the United States, Venus Virus continued to perform throughout 1999. The majority of these performances were centered in Venus Virus' hometown of Los Angeles. Show highlights included performances at Vampiricus, Repent, and the Raven Playhouse. During this time period, Venus Virus also had the opportunity to share the stage with Gitane Demone, Cinema Strange, Margot Day, Apocalypse Theatre, Dichroic Mirror, and the Elusory.

Venus Virus became a two-piece act at the end of 1999 with the addition of Garrison Todd on guitar. By this time Venus Virus had expanded its fanbase by performing throughout California in cities such as; San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Garrison and Miss Pyre spent the later half of 2000 recording a three song EP, entitled "Emeralds." Designed as a pre-cursor to a full length album, "Emeralds" was released in February 2001. "Emeralds" was also heavily marketed on the Internet, which brought Venus Virus into the 21st century and gave the band an even stronger online presence.

Venus Virus continued to perform in select venues throughout 2001 and 2002 all the while working on new material. During this time the band went through various member changes, however, Venus Virus remained true to the sound and vision of its creator, Miss Pyre. Information regarding the previous incarnations of Venus Virus can be found here.