Emeralds EP - Released Nov. 2004


*Could You?*
*Deep In Your Eyes*

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Miss P. Pyre - Vocals/Programming
Produced by Mike Kamoo and Miss P. Pyre
Mixed by Mike Kamoo
Recorded at Earthling Studios - El Cajon, CA

Could You? and Deep in Your Eyes-written by Miss P. Pyre and Jason Compton
Shadows -written by Miss P. Pyre and Garrison Todd
Arangements by Miss P. Pyre
Could You? -Doom Mix remixed by Jester Pezz
COuld You? -Carnival Mix remixed by Polartwin
Photography & CD artwork by Dayvid LeMmon

Copyright 2004 Pyrolytic Music Ltd.

Miss Pyre on recording this CD Single

"This was probably the most intense experience I have had in both the writing phase as well as the recording phase of a project. Every step of the way has been a trial for me. It is only through these trials that one can grow and develop as an artist. Venus Virus' sound is fully realized in this release. Could You? is upbeat and Jason Compton's influence is easily heard. He is a talented musician and I am privledged to have had the opportunity to work with and create this gem of a song to share with the world."