Venus Virus was created in Feb of 1996.  Miss Pyre is the vocalist and main driving force behind this endeavour. Years of performing and collaborating in other bands has put Miss Pyre in the postion of seeking out her own style.

'97 brought about Venus Virus' first studio recordings for a demo package. In'98 Venus Virus completed a promotional tour of Germany and England.  Highlights included the show in Berlin, as well as all the new friends Miss Pyre made during her travels.  In the future, Venus Virus will be returning to Germany and England in hopes to expand the fanbase even further with more shows and media events.

In '99 Venus Virus performed throughout Los Angeles and California. Miss Pyre's favorite memory was performing with the Mid-summer Nyte Scream tour. Meeting so many other female artists was inspirational. The year closed with the addition of guitarist, Gary Fagro, making Venus Virus a two-piece act.

Currently, Venus Virus is concentrating on writing new material and recording. Look of a new release later this year. Venus Virus will be performing here and there throughout the remainder of the year. Be sure to check the News & Events. page for all the latest news.

What kind of music?

Venus Virus' moody and ambient music is best described as Darkwave Performance.  The vocals blend simple melodies with the raw power of spoken word creating a magical, bewitching sound.  This is contrasted with a synthethized backdrop of layered texture.  Its' mood compliments the vocals, moving the listener as each song progresses. The result is a dramatic, exhilirating experience not to be missed. 

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